Estimated monthly savings on GPU spend
StableDiffusion inference acceleration
RoBERTa inference acceleration
InceptionV3 inference acceleration
 <strong>CentML</strong> optimizes <strong>ELECTRA</strong> for large sequence length

CentML optimizes ELECTRA for large sequence length

  • ELECTRA is a transformer model used in NLP tasks such as text classification, question answering, and sentiment analysis.
  • CentML-optimized ELECTRA is 2.1X faster than the ONNX baseline and 22% faster than TensorRT on NVIDIA A10G
 <strong>CentML</strong> optimizes <strong>Stable Diffusion</strong> further

CentML optimizes Stable Diffusion further

  • Stable Diffusion is a deep learning, text-to-image generative model.
  • CentML-optimized Stable Diffusion 2.76X faster than the Hugging Face implementation served on NVIDIA A40 GPU.
  • CentML's optimization software offers cost-effective solutions for generative ML workloads.

CentML Optimizes RoBERTa for Speed and Efficiency

  • RoBERTa is a language model trained for natural language processing tasks such as text summarization, sentiment analysis, and text generation.
  • CentML-optimized RoBERTa, resulting in up-to 4.48X speed improvement in text classification tasks.
  • CentML's optimization software offers cost-effective solutions for NLP workloads.
 <strong>CentML</strong> Optimizes <strong>RoBERTa</strong> for Speed and Efficiency
 <div> Unleash the power of <strong>InceptionV3</strong> in Image Classification </div>

Unleash the power of InceptionV3 in Image Classification

  • InceptionV3 is a computer vision model commonly used for image classification and object detection tasks.
  • CentML-optimized Inception V3, results in up-to 7.86X speed improvement in image classification tasks.
  • CentML's optimization software delivers cost-effective solutions for CV workloads.

Accelerate your Image Classification with CentML optimized ResNet50

  • ResNet50 is a deep learning model for image classification tasks, widely used in computer vision applications.
  • CentML-optimized ResNet50 resultes in up-to 5.44X speed improvements.
  • CentML's optimization software delivers significant cost savings in both training and inference use cases for ResNet50.
 <div> Accelerate your <strong>Image Classification</strong> with <strong>CentML</strong> optimized <strong>ResNet50</strong> </div>
 <div> <strong>CentML</strong> Boosts <strong>DeepLabV3</strong> for Near-Real Time Image Segmentation </div>

CentML Boosts DeepLabV3 for Near-Real Time Image Segmentation

  • DeepLabV3 is a deep learning model for semantic image segmentation, used for object detection and autonomous driving.
  • CentML-optimized DeepLabV3 results up-to 1.91X speed improvement enabling near-real time inference.
  • CentML Boosts DeepLabV3 enabling Near-Real Time Inference.