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Revolutionizing model serving for the LLM era with unparalleled speed,
cost-efficiency and simplicity.

CServe revolutionizes LLM serving for enterprises


Up to 8x latency improvement for model serving through system optimizations


70% Cost reduction through improved throughput and flexible deployment options


Single-click resource sizing and automated optimizations for best cost/performance tradeoff with no loss in model accuracy


Experience up to 8X latency improvement for model serving through system optimizations. CServe enhances inference latency across various GPUs, delivering faster response times without compromising model accuracy.


Achieve up to 70% cost reduction with improved throughput and flexible deployment options. CServe minimizes your LLM deployment costs, offering a range of options that maintain performance.


Simplify your deployment process with single-click resource sizing and automated optimizations. CServe ensures the best cost / performance tradeoff with zero loss in model accuracy, making LLM deployment straightforward and simple

RAG Application with CServe
in 3 easy steps

Select Your Models

Choose an embedding model and a generative LLM from Hugging Face.

Deploy Locally with CServe

Quick, efficient, and secure setup.

Plug and Play

Connect with any LLM framework like Langchain or Flowise, and you’re ready to go!

Comprehensive Solution

Complete control

Accelerate your time to market with ready LLM solutions proven to maximize performance, minimize cost, and accelerate time to production.

  • Built-in integrations
  • Autoscaling
  • Configurable optimizations

Enterprise level security

Deploy your models where your data lives.

  • No public APIs
  • Cloud Isolation
  • Advanced access control

Support and Services

World class technical support and infrastructure always ready to assist your team.

  • Model refinement/optimization support
  • Technical support
  • Customer Success team


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