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LLaMa inference acceleration
RoBERTa inference acceleration
InceptionV3 inference acceleration

Accelerate Your Inference

Accelerate PyTorch models using CentML's powerful open-source deep learning compiler. With PyTorch 2.0, this is easier than ever:
optimized_model = torch.compile(model, backend='hidet')

With the CentML Inference Platform, we offer hosted end-to-end inference optimization and deployment that support all machine-learning model types. We make that possible by automatically tuning optimizations to work best for your specific inference pipeline and hardware.

Accelerate Your Training

Do you know how much useful work your GPUs do per training experiment? We observe that more than 50% of training experiments have below 25% GPU utilization. This means there is a significant opportunity for optimization that would lead to faster training experiments and sizeable cost reduction.

You focus on building the best model, and we will ensure you always get the best performance per dollar! Contact CentML today to learn about how you can accelerate your training experiments.

Accelerate Your Training

Profile Your Models With DeepView

CentML DeepView provides an integrated experience which allows ML practitioners to:

  • Visually identify model bottlenecks
  • Perform rapid iterative profiling
  • Understand energy consumption and environmental impacts of training jobs
  • Predict deployment time and cost to cloud hardware

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