CentML Secures $27 Million Funding to Realize its Vision in AI Model Optimization

Round led by Gradient Ventures, backed by Radical Ventures and NVIDIA

October 25, 2023CentML, a software platform that dramatically improves the performance and cost of deploying ML models, today announced the completion of a $27 million seed round. The round was led by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture fund, with participation from Radical Ventures, NVIDIA, Deloitte Ventures, and Thomson Reuters Ventures.

As AI and ML adoption escalates, so does the demand for computing resources, highlighting the need for innovative solutions like CentML, which optimizes AI model performance in a cost-constrained environment.

“One of the essential challenges of AI today is achieving models that are fast and cost effective to be viable at scale. CentML solves this problem,” said Gennady Pekhimenko, CEO of CentML. “Our technology can speed up inference and training by as much as 8x which has profound impact for our customers.”

CentML’s software platform allows its clients to optimize and deploy ML models with ease. Unlike existing solutions, it provides state-of-the-art performance with no reduction in model accuracy while requiring little to no effort for engineers to adopt it. In one instance, CentML optimized the Llama 2 model to work 3x faster on the previous generation of GPUs, reducing the cost by 60%.

“AI adoption creates demand for compute in new forms and scale unlike previous technology platforms. CentML’s ability to accelerate models, orchestrate workloads and optimize performance expands the frontier of AI model growth in the near- and long-term,” said Zach Bratun-Glennon, General Partner at Gradient Ventures. “We are excited to be supporting Gennady and his team throughout their journey.”

“The proliferation of generative AI is creating a new base of developers, researchers, and scientists seeking to use accelerated computing for a host of capabilities,” said Vinod Grover, Senior Distinguished Engineer and Director of CUDA and Compiler Software at NVIDIA. “CentML’s work to optimize AI and ML models on GPUs in the most efficient way possible is helping to create a faster, easier experience for these individuals.”

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About CentML

Founded in 2022 under the leadership of CEO Gennady Pekhimenko, a world-renowned expert in ML systems and a team of co-founders with expertise honed at companies like Amazon, Google, NVIDIA, and IBM. CentML through its software platform allows clients to optimize AI models for peak performance and cost-efficiency. Within its platform, users can fine-tune algorithms, pinpoint inefficiencies, and access real-time analytics.


Ermek Djumataev,
Head of Marketing

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