Charting a secure path amidst AI legal challenge

Explore CServe for private LLM deployment, fine-tuning, and reduced legal risks

The New York Times has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft over alleged copyright infringement in AI model training.

The generative AI is at a crossroads.

The implications are clear: content creators recognize the value of their work, lawyers see an opportunity to challenge tech giants like Microsoft and Google, and enterprises are seeking a secure and private path forward.

In response to this challenge, we’re excited to offer CServe, an enterprise-first private LLM deployment solution.

With CServe, enterprises can:

  1. Deploy LLMs in private cloud environments or on-premises to enhance data security and control, while aligning with the core principles of the CIA triad (confidentiality, integrity, and availability).
  2. Fine-tune models on the enterprise’s datasets for specific business cases, ensuring compliance with intellectual property laws.

Why choose CentML?

  • We use open-source technology with more flexible use licenses that’s trained on privately owned, carefully selected datasets—alongside our own proprietary CentML software.
  • We deliver high performance comparable to cloud-based services but with a better price/performance ratio.
  • We can help reduce legal risks and customize the AI models to meet specific business needs, allowing for the integration of custom datasets for specific use cases.

Want to learn more about securing your AI deployments and reducing legal risks? Explore the advantages of CServe—from private cloud deployment to fine-tuning models for your specific needs. Contact pavel@centml.ai to learn more.

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